Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Road To My Destination Is Silent Tonight

So much guarantee of success
That as of life
Hangs in the hushed air that dances
Celebrating my strife
Oh the road to my Destination
Is silent tonight

Of memories that catch on
And well up in my eyes
Opaque ghosts of a haunted past
Try and falter my rise
How the road to my Destination
Is silent tonight

Every step that leads to a place
I always wanted to reach
But an obstacle hither, another thither
My dreams as they breach
Well the road to my Destination
Is silent tonight

All those critics and their stories
All their warnings and doubts
Well I just know of this dream
I could never live without
Yet the road to my Destination
Is silent tonight

My hope is my dream, my dream an illusion
As I walk barefoot to an unknown goal
I have to prove all those who mocked me
Of the part I promised was my role
Then why, God, the road to my destination
Is silent tonight

Where is the light, the peak of the Everest
That I restlessly climb
Where is the reward, the win, the victory
After all this time
Evermore is the road to my Destination
Is silent tonight

Lonesome in my belief of a light that must shine
Beyond the horizon I saw then
As I dared to differ, and follow the heart
On a new fork in the road, my journey I began
Still the road to my Destination
Is silent tonight

Is this what it is like to take the road no one uses
The longer path to the goal, to the end
I wonder how populated it must be on the other roads 
No obstacles, nor a bend
For the road to my Destination
Is so silent tonight

The road to my destination
May be silent tonight
But let the darkness pass
And let my toil bear fruit, be bright
For I believe my struggle shall pay back tomorrow
And make my silent road drenched and illuminated by light.


All She Wrote said...

<3 Thank God you didn't quit it and I found you!:D
Beautiful,B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L poem!!! :D
Please please post again real quick!!!
And me the first follower??huh?huh? xD

Ovais said...

Ha. Told you I'd find you :D
No followers wala gadget yet? :o
I love the poem. Simply love. It's like it relates, you know?

Daniyal Arain said...

So you wanted to try with Poetry? No wonder you're good at it.

& for some reason your poem inspires me of something, yeah(I'm awesome :P getting inspired by poems).

I'm glad you're writing poems. :D (I love poems).

Keep Writing, & I'll be sure to read. ;)